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Walt Klappert - Walt is a pioneer in New Media. From cutting-edge video game work for Atari and groundbreaking CD, CD-ROM and DVD work at Warner New Media to Interactive Television exploration for Time Warner and Americast, Walt's efforts have resulted in ten patents (several international). (Click here for Resume)

Theatrically, Walt has acted in productions across the country including "Company of Wayward Saints,"" "Sugar Plum" and "The Apple Tree." He has designed both lighting and sound for various productions and co-authored (with William Warfel) the definitive book on color and stage lighting "Color Science for Lighting the Stage" (Yale Press). Most recently, Walt produced "The Hobbit"" in Los Angeles.

Walt is armed with a Masters of Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama and a Masters of Engineering from Texas A&M. He is on the Board of the Yale Cabaret Hollywood Theater Company.