Updated February 16, 2014


Walter R. Klappert





Skills and Keywords: Board Chair, Board Member, CEO, CTO, Vice President, Intellectual Property Expert, Patenting,  Brainstorming, Inventor, Consultant, Expert Witness, Program Director, Project Manager, System Architect, Software Development Manager, Technology Lead, Integration & Vendor Manager, Entertainment Technology Consultant, Video and Cable TV Expert, International Representative, Professional Engineer, Consumer Electronics Standards, Profit, Non-profit, Software Programmer, Java, C++, C, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, Electroencephalography, Electromyography, Volunteer, Japanese Language and Korean Language.


2009 (May)-present

Rovi Corporation Burbank, California, Patent Liaison and Inventor


Originally hired to invent and patent new ideas. Rovi extended this role to helping other employees invent as well.  Write over 100 invention disclosures each year, resulting in many about 50 patent applications.  Frequently run one-to-one and group brainstorming sessions to generated new inventions.  Track hundreds of ideas through a patent self-made tracking process.  Have a passion for patents and patent-related processes.  Study patent law. Prototyped “Brainwaves” which uses Electromyography and Electroencephalography to tune televisions with people’s minds that won the company’s first Innovation Contest.


2001-2013 (concurrently)

Klappert Consulting LLC (AKA ComMedia LLC) Los Angeles, California, CEO


Expert Witness—for over half dozen legal firms on separate intellectual property-related actions on entertainment-related electronics including the Digital Video Disc (DVD), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Video-On-Demand (VOD) and a video system used in film shoots.


Broker—For Sale or Licensing of 14 Patents and Applications for the Recording Industry Association of America.


Consultant—to Time Warner Cable (TWC) on Interactive Television Games and Enhanced Television. Represented TWC in the Cable Labs committee on Enhanced Television that produced the Enhanced Television Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) standard.


Consulting—Projects for 2 Time Warner divisions on what is next in home entertainment. Reviewed Warner Bros. Records (Burbank, CA) Video Asset Storage and Distribution System.


Program Director—Ran Liberate Technologies’ (Silicon Valley & Seoul, Korea) End-to-End System Integration Program for Interactive Television for Liberate’s customer Broadband Solutions Incorporated (BSI) with Dreamcity in Seoul, Korea.  Also, completed negotiations with Samsung and did Systems Integration and Testing Planning for the GNI company in China.


Consultant—Consulted with Zyfer (a division of Odetics) on opportunities for their encryption technology in the Entertainment Industry.  Also, consulted with iPlusTV on opportunities in South Korea in Interactive Television.


Producer—Produced a DVD for sale called “One Acts From LA” for www.PlaysOnDVD.com. As well as many play readings for Yale Cabaret Hollywood and full live production of “The Hobbit” under an Equity Contract.


2005 (May)-2008 (September)

TV Guide Hollywood, California, Vice President, System Architect

Acted as Technical Manager for porting an Electronic TV Guide to Mobile Phones.  Worked with the Senior Vice President of Business Development on plan for CEO for Remote Access to Home Television Devices from Personal Computers, phones and other personal Devices. Helped develop the plan and explanation materials for the TV Guide Interactive Group’s approach to OCAP (OpenCable Application Program).   Documented End-to-End Systems for Ad Distribution and Digital Video Recording on the Guide.   Program Managed port of  Native Guide from Motorola to Scientific Atlanta.  Evaluated Voice Recognition and Response and other new business technologies. Applied for twelfth Patent.  This time in the area of Remote Access.


2000 (October)-2001 (August)

NeT4TV Los Angeles, California Chief Technical Officer

Net4TV catered to Internet capable consoles—like WebTV—and other Set-Top Boxes for Television.  In this role, co-authored the business plan, participated in fund raising and assessed the Patent-able Intellectual Property for the company.  Personally created software for networked multi-player games using HTML, JavaScript and Cold Fusion.


1996-2000 (September)

Americast Los Angeles, California Vice President Project Management

Managed our Strategic Vendor, Sun Microsystems, in developing the Disney-designed application that provided all of the services for Ameritech’s deployment of Interactive Television primarily on Scientific Atlanta equipment including the SA3000 Set Top Box.



SILICON GRAPHICS Silicon Valley Nippon Telephone & Telegraph Program Manager

Program Manager on NTT deployment of Interactive Television in Tokyo.  Worked schedules and myriad of issues related to the projects.  Acted with the Project Manager as the interface between the client, NTT, and Silicon Graphics’ IDS Engineering group of about 100 people.  Both the Head-End and Set Top Box equipment were designed and built by Silicon Graphics.  The Set Top Box was based on the “Indy” computer.





Director of Technology

Led the Software Group that built the Shopping Applications for Time-Warner’s Deployment of Interactive Television in Orlando, Florida known as “The Full-Service Network.”  This work as well as the work on Laserdisc and Compact Disc led to my name appearing on over a dozen patents (including foreign filings) as inventor.


Head of Technology

Wrote software and led the effort in creating “The Megillah System.”  This was advanced Laserdisc with new features such as multiple audio, text and camera angles that lead directly to these features being adopted in the Digital Versatile Disc (DVD).  Instrumental in developing and creating CD + MIDI, CD + Graphics, CD-ROM, & Cable TV, holding 10 patents in these fields.


Also, built a team of about 20 people to make authoring systems for the earliest CD-ROM, CD + G, titles.

Here is a list of some the titles published by Warner New Media:






Time Magazine's:

Desert Storm

Time Warner Interactive:

Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue


Time-Life Book's:

View from Earth

CD + Graphics:


From Movie/TV

Funny, HBO Comedy Central

Time Warner Interactive:

Goldberg Variations


Peter  and the Wolf


Mendelssohn Symphonies


Hell Cab


Songs of Belle Epoch

Beethoven: 9th Symphony




Manager of Software Development

This was probably the earliest company to develop entertainment titles for CD-ROM. Worked on the authoring systems for the earliest CD-ROM titles as programmer and small group leader.

Represented the company on International — Japan and Europe — technical committees creating the CD-I Green Book Specifications under Philips.


Group Leader at Atari

Technical Leader for a group producing games and creative tools including a CD-Graphics Workstation and the game “Dance Fantasy” published by Fisher Price.


Computer Consultant on Wall Street

My clients included US Trust, Lever Bros., EF Hutton, Bache and Merrill Lynch.  Worked on Technical Analysis of Equities, Mortgage Evaluation and Banking Systems.





Yale University, Master of Fine Arts, Theatre Engineering

Texas A&M University, Master of Engineering, Industrial Engineering

Florida State University, Bachelor of Engineering, Engineering Science


Additional courses in technical and business-related subjects.  Currently studying Patent Prosecution via a course with the Practicing Law Institute.





Professional Engineer’s License - Control systems – California.

Member of the Entertainment Technology Centric, part of ETC (ET Center) at the University of Southern California.

Member of an IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Standards Advisory Board in 2010.






Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes and Game Machines:

Motorola (General Instruments likeDCT5000), Harmonic Headend, Samsung STB, SGI, Scientific Atlanta, Divicom/Zenith, General Instruments & Full Service Network Set Top Boxes, IBM Compatibles, Windows & DOS, Macintosh, Apple II series, Atari, Commodore 64, Data General MP1000, NEC Turbographics 16, Fujitsu FM Towns, Commodore Amiga, CDTV, Silicon Graphics Indy, UNIX, VAX, IBM, 1130, Honeywell, PDP11, C, Fortran, Honeywell Assembler, IBM 370, IBM 360, Burroughs Macro and Command CICS. Neurosky Headset and Headband.


Computer Languages:

Java, C, C++ (Object-Oriented and structured), Perl, Pascal, Fortran, Logo, Forth, 8086, 8088, 80286, 80386, 80486, 6502 Assemblers, Basic, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, HTML, Cobol, Fortran, PL1, Algol, Speakez, Snobol, JCL, TSO, SPF, Clist, Exec, IBM Assembler (BAL)


Authoring Systems and Databases:

Oracle, MS Access, Developed ARCANGEL (Interactive TV & CD-ROM Authoring System) and IDAHO (Multimedia Authoring System). User of Hypercard and other authoring applications.  Developed UTAH (CD-ROM Database), and Real Time File Builder (for XA et al). User of IBM PFS, DB Master IMS, VSAM, ISAM and BDAM Databases


Non-Profit Volunteer:


Active Symphonian, the Symphonians are the volunteer docent tour guides of the Music Center of Los Angeles County giving tours of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Mark Taper Forum, the Ahmanson Theater and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  Served as Publicity and Ticket Chairperson.


Board Chair of Yale Cabaret Hollywood and Producer of many play-readings of scripts in development.




Speaks some Japanese and Korean languages.